Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions from visitors to Nguyen Trac.


What promotions does Nguyen Trac currently offer?


Nguyen Trac offers a 10% discount for New Member's first order, simply apply NGTVIP to your order on the Checkout page and enrich your life with one of our treasures.


Does Nguyen Trac Offer Free Shipping?


Nguyen Trac currently offer Free Shipping to SG - Ho Chi Minh City, and free shipping nation-wide for orders above 500,000 VND.


Why are some of Nguyen Trac's products labelled ' Luxury ' ?


To be classified as luxury, a product must have 2 key features:

  1. The item must be made from premium(high-quality) material.

  2. The item has to be durable, long-lasting usually considered an inheritance


Nguyen Trac uses materials from esteemed industry-reputable sources.


Beyond this, we invest heavily into research & development to redesign our photo albums for elegance and a time tested improvement on albums that have come before.


Whilst the appearance may be mimicked, the Flat style binding is one of a kind.


What is Nguyen Trac's Return & Refund Policy?


Nguyen Trac aims for perfection; However from time to time, error does occur.


We guarantee no-added cost for replacements due to manufacturing flaws and exchanges if un-damaged to all products which are purchased from our Website.

For more information:

Why photo albums and notebooks when technology is soo accessible?

Nguyen Trac does not consider technological advancements as our competition; Infact, all of our the hidden features which can only be appreciated through first hand experience, could never have been designed without the advancement of technology. 

Just as you hold your smart-device to browse through past memories, NGT delivers an matched nostalgia known only to those lucky few.

Just as you are lost in a game or movie, NGT notebooks are intuitively designed to seduce you to lose yourself in your own imagination through biomimicry.

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