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    Nguyen Trac offers manufacturing to your customization. We specialize in innovative premium production. With in-house Research and Development Department; We can offer our clients discretion and flexible.

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  • A Hidden Side Effect of COVID

    How long does your child spend in front of a screen? COVID has permanently changed our views on technology; however, if you do a quick search on the side effects of device usage on children you'll find the following. Symptoms Explosive behavior/anger Depression Obesity Lack of empathy Vision impairment and many more... Does your child display any of these traits? We're all under soo much stress that it's impossible to work and provide for our family AND play the role of the bad guy. Surely when your child loses their screen time, you can expect a fit of rage! The truth of the matter is that phones, Ipads, and televisions have become the drug we are all consuming to numb the pain and the addiction will distance us from the ones that love the most. Our loved ones are addicted, and we are the ones who avoided confrontation to allow interest to become a habit. Don't let habit become the norm. If you've read up this point which is 173 words. You only have 65 words to go to be considered above average attention span! The reason why it's soo difficult to hold the attention of a reader is that the digital light isn't something our eyes are a custom to. Video made for children has extremely bright and colourful images and characters to attract the focus of our child's healthy eyes, but do a quick experiment and see how long you can watch a clip with your child without having to look away. The new Reader Mode on phones uses sepia, the colour of ink used in the 19th century. If you are not already using reader mode, try using it and read to the end of this article. Treatment To paraphrase America's 40th president Ronald Reagan, are you better off than you were four years ago? Our children blame us, and we blame COVID, the system, religion, or just plain bad luck; Yet just like the illness, identifying the cause doesn't cure it, action will. So I ask you, will you be a victim or a survivor? Up until now, we have completed the pre-contemplation stages of addiction: Reluctance: Refuse to consider the problem. Denial: Refuse to acknowledge there is a problem. Resigned: Give up hope that the problem is fixable. Rationalization: Give reasons as to why we don't need to change. We encourage you to press the link of whichever stages you disagree with. Stages of addiction recovery: Contemplation: Acknowledge that there is a problem. Preparation: Obtain information to overcome the problem. Action: Take action to eradicate the problem. Quote from NG-Trac Nguyen Trac does not claim to be a health professional who has a one fix cure for your situation because that would mean you and your child is the same as everyone else. NGT began with a dream of wanting something unique for Vietnam. You can see this clearly in our design and the personality of the people we employ. Treasure Yourself Like everything sustainable, change requires conviction. We encourage reducing screen time gradually with family time and introspection. The hold technology has over us is rooted in connectivity, but it can never replace the feeling of direct human interaction. This is why our slogan is treasure... Schedule as little as 20 minutes a day for sharing personal stories, past events and experiences. You can expect pessimism but remember you were pessimistic when you began reading this article. The investment we put into treasuring our history and past experiences reinforces and strengthens imagination/visualization/memory. More importantly, the emphasis on history and heritage directly affects how we value ourselves and how others perceive us, including our child. It is their inheritance. Imagine entering one's home and seeing an expensive TV compared to entering that same home in every way except instead of television you see a small collection of photo albums. We could make a similar comparison between a person who invests time and energy into their health and figured, with a healthy but not figured person; Who has chosen to dedicate that same time to preserving family connections. The impression exceeds beyond the visual and reinforces character, strengthening meaningful connections. Nguyen Trac treasures your memories by crafting photo albums using The Best materials and signature design. Practice Makes Perfect While you build connections with your child, it is crucial to find activities that exercise creativity. Consistent practice of Music, sports, arts, literature helps dexterities and coordination and allow opportunities for new talents and achievements. Nguyen Trac Notebooks features a custom ivory paper designed to improve and protect vision. Many will base the quality of the paper on its weight(GSM); however, modern technology offers lightweight yet durable paper achieved through structural composition. NGT ivory paper has a yellow shade. Note: The reason NGT paper can reduce light reflection is accredited to its non-linear structural composition, not it's colour. To test the effectiveness of the technology, grab your NGT notebook and try to photocopy a page. Photocopiers use light to scan and read the page. Our ivory paper reduces light reflection resulting in an indisputable difference to generally accessed paper. Protect your eyes and treasures your ideas with custom ivory paper. Author: D. Nguyen Trac We welcome all inputs, comments and feedback reviews

  • VN - Style

    The first Vietnamese domain After much research, design and programming; Nguyen Trac would like to introduce our new multilingual domain name and a Vietnamese first. With help from Google and Wix, nguyễntrắ we hope is a step towards a more connective and accessible world-wide-web. There was a lot of complications executing this idea that we did not anticipate, and so even through the domain was created in January, we haven't been able to showcase the concept until now. Of course to make it accessible to everyone, we are currently connecting to nguyễntrắ via TSL 1.3 with DNSSEC provided by google domains. This was the best encryption service provider we could find with superb customer service in Vietnam. Full disclosure: We do not specialize in the information technology field, but given the recent rising demand in accessibility over the past year, we decided to introduce something new. The next step We've verified the new domain Nguyễn Trắc with founders: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo và Yandex, and after a few review request, Norton no longer considers the site a Web threat. However, we have yet to get verification from Facebook, Twitter, Safari etc... to show the domain as nguyễntrắ instead of Of course if it was easy to understand each other, we'd never have disputes. Response & Criticisms We received an overwhelmingly negative response during our market response trials. Due to the odd look of the domain "xn--nguyntrc-f10d8h", doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. However as we verify one browser to the next, and the hash like characters become nguyễntrắc, we are reminded of the elegance in Vietnamese accents and glad to have pursued the idea. The Mission Now that the site is stable, we return to the drawing board and prepare the release of our New Photo Albums line Lasty, which features our signature Flat-Bound design with new added features! NG-Trac is aiming towards a 90% and above biodegradable/eco-friendly product range and recently have had success, but more on that in later updates. Our new Fabric Frames are scheduled to release in upcoming weeks and welcome all feedback! Nguyen Trac, treasure... by D. Nguyen Trac Credits to: VTTM. nguyễntrắ was acquired on 2021-01-24 and currently possess 38 Certificate SSL/TSL. Copyright © 2002 - 2021 Nguyen Trac Operating Company, Limited. All Rights Reserved.

  • Dear Nguyen Trac, Thuong

    Hello from Thuong, In the past, I bought some albums of the Company and felt ok. I want to buy more to store photos with long-term storage requirements, good album material with acid-free paper. Currently, I have old photos that are 50 - 70 years old. Could you give me more information about quality photo album types that meet these requirements? Thank you and have a nice week. - Thuong, Dear Thuong, Thank you for considering Nguyen Trac. All albums in the Nguyen Trac brand are made with acid-free/pH neutral paper (pH7) to reduce the possibility of colour fading. If the environment is dry, with limitation to direct hand contact, we can expect the photos to maintain quality for around 200 years. In addition, in the past, Nguyen Trac used vinyl in one form (PVC) for protection, but later, upgraded to PU/PP fabric because the research noted: vinyl is cheaper but has chloride, so it will oxidize, crack, discolor and change colour with added environmental pollution. NGT suggests some products for your reference: Album Pola, Avatar, Monestar, Classic Hope this information brings you peace of mind. D. Nguyen Trac

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